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We are a loving church community located 2 blocks away from the Pacific Ocean, on the Oregon Coast in downtown Lincoln City.  We are a part of the International Church of the Nazarene whose mission is to "make Christlike disciples in the nations."  To learn more about our global church visit: 


We exist to love, teach & share Jesus.

What to wear?  

Dress is casual.  Jeans are welcome.  We are a beach town with lots of visitors on vacation.  Come join us just as you are!


We Value Prayer

Prayer is essential to the life of a church.  In Isaiah 56:7, God said, "My house will be called a house of prayer."  Prayer is simply talking to God, as if we are talking to our best friend.  Some of the ways we live this value include our prayer chain in which every person on it has committed to pray as soon as they receive the request.  We pray with hundreds of churches with 21 Days of Prayer.  We join with 1/2 Million Nazarenes in praying from Easter to Pentecost.  We pray during our services, our women's Bible study, our men's breakfast fellowship, our basic Bible study, before our church board meetings, during Sunday School classes for all ages, and Pastor Kelli prays for each person in the church every week.

We Value Spiritual Support

Do you have a need?  Single parents, those living in physical pain, military coming home with PTSD, those grieving a loss, or fighting an addiction, whatever your need, we are here to support you.  Jesus said to his disciples in John 15:15, "I have called you friends."  Life is not easy and one of the reasons Jesus instituted the church was that he knew we needed each other.  Encouraging and supporting each other is so important.  Come and make a new friend.  Our church is full of friendly, caring people who want to help.  We are a Partner in Care with the Oregon National Guard.

We Value Biblical Preaching & Teaching

The Bible is our lifeline filled with wisdom to help us in our daily life.  Pastor Kelli Westmark brings clear messages from the Bible each week during our Sunday 11am.  We also offer Sunday School for all ages at 10am to help people understand the Bible more.  We also offer Bible studies throughout the week, including a Women's Bible Study Wednesday at 11am and Men's Breakfast Fellowship on the 1st and 3rd Saturday's each month at 9am. 

We Value Holiness

Holiness is a key emphasis of the international Church of the Nazarene which not only considers the holiness of God, but also the holy love of God.  Holiness can be defined as holy love, love in its purest form.  John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life."  The holy love of God sent Jesus Christ to earth to die on the cross to forgive all of our sins.  The holiness of God reminds us that we are the created and God is the Creator

We Value Fellowship

Fellowship is more than just getting together, it is meeting together with Christ in the center of all we do.  We do this a variety of ways through food, game nights, baby showers, movie nights, birthday party's and all kinds of celebrations.  We invite you to join us.

We Value Evangelism and Outreach

People all over the world are living with guilt and shame, not realizing the good news that Jesus Christ came to completely forgive all our sins so that we could live in freedom from the chains of sin, guilt and shame.  We reach out to people in a variety of ways, over a cup of coffee, shopping, and just loving people right where they are at in life.

We Value Caring & Serving

People care about each other and take time to serve each other in simple ways.  Caring and serving is a key part of what Jesus Christ did while he was on the earth.  Jesus met people at the point of their need. 

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